Dan Marcus

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Dan Marcus

Chief Executive Officer

CEO Dan Marcus is responsible for developing and implementing high-level strategies and managing the overall operations and resources of ParFX.

Based in London, Dan is leading the charge to deliver a fair and transparent FX marketplace that offers a level playing field for all participants, while eradicating disruptive trading behaviour.

Dan is also Global Head of Strategy and Business Development for ParFX’s parent company Tradition, where he is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic initiatives on a global basis, including regulatory strategy, electronic trading and market data. He is also Co-Head of Tradition UK, and CEO of Trad-X, Tradition's hybrid trading platform for OTC derivatives and other financial instruments. Trad-X enables clients to trade interest rate swaps and offers a flexible execution methodology utilising hybrid, voice and electronic capabilities and the provision of functionality that meets the demands of today's market.

Dan is a qualified solicitor and was General Counsel at Tradition before moving into his business role. He was previously Senior Counsel at The London Stock Exchange, where he was responsible for regulatory, IT, corporate and commercial legal work. Prior to that, he was a mergers and acquisition/private equity lawyer at city law firm Nabarro.

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