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Transparency to drive trading practices as FX Code adoption grows

Counterparties are asking each other the right questions, demanding greater levels of transparency, and seeking clarity on policies relating to last look, pricing and execution

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11 - 13 February 2020

TradeTech FX USA*

ParFX will be hosting the coffee breaks at TradeTech FX USA.

20 November 2019

FX Week Europe*

ParFX will be attending FX Week Europe.

10 October 2019

P&L Scandinavia*

ParFX will be attending P&L Scandinavia in Copenhagen.

23 - 25 September 2019

Forex Network Chicago*

ParFX is a silver sponsor and will be hosting the coffee breaks at Forex Network Chicago.

11 - 13 September 2019

TradeTech FX Europe 2019*

ParFX will be sponsoring the water bottles at TradeTech FX Europe.

11 July 2019

FX Week USA*

ParFX will be attending FX Week USA.

20 June 2019, Profit and Loss

Bringing the Pure Concept to Digital Assets*

The creation of the FX Pure trading platform, which evolved into the ParFX model, is seen by many as a transformative event in FX markets because it halted a decline in certain trading behaviours that were seen as unhealthy and restored a balance to the market.

3 June 2019, e-Forex

ParFX - Bringing increased fairness, equality and transparency to the FX market*

Since ParFX’s inception in 2013, the company has been at the forefront of efforts to bring about change to the industry. It played a role in the development of the FX Global Code through its participation in ACI’s foreign exchange committee and was one of the first to sign up. e-Forex spoke to Roger Rutherford, Chief Operating Officer at ParFX, to discover more about the unique aspects of the platform and business model, and the steps it will be taking to continue its mission of improving trading behaviour in the FX market.

20 May 2019, FOW

ICE speed bump: the road to data-driven decisions*†

However, speed bumps are not a novel concept, and are not uncommon in spot FX markets like ParFX, Thomson Reuters Matching, and EBS Market, and in cash equities markets like TSX Alpha and IEX.

2 May 2019, Markets Media

Trading Behavior Trumps Speed Bumps*

Roger Rutherford, COO of ParFX, which introduced a randomized matching pause several years ago on its platform, noted there has been what he says is a “dramatic rise” in speed-based trading over the past decade and that by removing speed as a key factor of success, there is a renewed focus on trading behavior, with greater quality and certainty of execution.


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