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Does high cost of market data create ‘tiering of knowledge’?

Roham Churm, Head of the FX division at Bank of England, opens Forex Network London with discussion on the FXGC and urges consistent application of rules and more transparency in the market.

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3 April 2019, Benzinga

FinTech Breakthrough Recognizes Standout FinTech Companies and Solutions in 2019 Awards Program*

The 2019 FinTech Breakthrough Award winners include: … Investments - Best Trading Platform: ParFX.

28 March 2019, Markets Media

CEO CHAT: Dan Marcus, ParFX*

Traders Magazine recently caught up with Dan Marcus, Chief Executive Officer of ParFX, who discussed how his firm fits into this unique ecosystem – how it is helping shape the FX Global Code of Conduct and ParFX’s technology designed to make trading more efficient and fairer.

7 March 2019, Profit and Loss

ParFX: More of the Same*†

In 2013, the FX Pure initiative resulted in the launch of ParFX and now, almost 10 years on from the original inception of the idea, Roger Rutherford, the COO of ParFX, insists that the model and its underlying principles are as relevant today as it’s ever been.

22 February 2019, Profit and Loss

Torrey Joins Digital Currency Firm Genesis*†

Torrey was most recently at Northern Trust, which he joined in mid-2016 as global head of FX e-commerce sales. Prior to that, he was briefly with ParFX, where he was head of FX sales for North America.

21 February 2019, Profit and Loss

P&L’s 2018 Crystal Ball - How Did We Do?*†

Roger Rutherford, COO, ParFX: This is a HIT, but I don’t think ‘the great divide’ began in 2018. Rather, skyrocketing fees associated with market data is an uncomfortable, long-term trend.

15 February 2019, FOW

Market structure "strikes the right balance" – CME*†

Last October the COO of Tradition-owned FX trading platform ParFX argued speed bumps are needed to curb “bad trading”.

15 February 2019, FX Week

How tech will transform FX next: what the industry thinks*

These transformational technologies are what will form the opportunities, benefits and challenges for FX market participants in the future, according to Roger Rutherford, the chief operating officer at ParFX, one of the 130 market participants that took part in the mid-2018 study.

14 February 2019, FOW

CFTC consults on controversial speed bumps*†

Last October the COO of Tradition-owned FX trading platform ParFX argued speed bumps are needed to curb “bad trading”.

13 February 2019, Euromoney

Bank of England FX data show shift to options for hedging*

More generally, financial markets were operating in a risk-off environment through and beyond October, explains Roger Rutherford, chief operating officer of ParFX, noting that GBP’s share of daily market turnover was down from 16.7% in April 2018 to 16.1% last October.

12 February 2019, Tabb Forum

MEMX Is a Cautionary Tale for Market Operators: Ignore Customers at Your Peril*†

The launch of new member-owned stock exchange MEMX is a concrete example of the collective power market participants can wield in the face of opaque pricing and a lack of transparency – and a cautionary tale to incumbents that refuse to listen to their customers. 


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