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ParFX – Best e-FX trading venue of the year

The call for fairness, equality and transparency from our founders is reflected in the FX Global Code and aligns strongly with our core values. ParFX is, without doubt, as relevant and differentiated now as it was then.

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4 September 2018, Finance Magnates

Unfair Deals and Unbundled Costs – Will Market Data Fees Stop Rising?*

Speaking to Finance Magnates, Dan Marcus, Chief Executive Officer of spot FX trading platform ParFX, noted that unbundling was a major cause of increasing market data costs.

3 September 2018, FOW

Market data providers must end fee disparities – ParFX*†

According to Dan Marcus, chief executive officer of Tradition-owned spot FX trading platform ParFX, it has “come to light that some institutions are paying vastly different amounts for the data" they receive.

29 August 2018, Finance Magnates

Cassina and L’Huiller Join Board of Trading Software Consultancy*

During his extensive career at Tradition, L’Huillier implemented its first electronic trading platform for the EURO IRS business Trad-X in May 2011. In April 2013 he was also instrumental in the deployment of the company’s first spot FX electronic platform, ParFX.

17 July 2018, Finance Magnates

Exclusive: ParFX CEO – FX Industry Can Work Together for Ethical Reform*

Keeping a close eye on the proceedings was Dan Marcus, CEO of ParFX, a spot FX trading platform which shares much in common with the FX Global Code. ParFX was developed by a group of the largest FX trading institutions in the world, which had become frustrated with the deteriorating trading environment on public spot FX trading venues and wanted to reintroduce fair, equal and transparent behaviour to their day-to-day trading activities. This week, Finance Magnates spoke to Marcus about the outcomes of the GFXC’s annual meeting, the future of the organisation and ParFX’s plans for the future.

9 July 2018, FX Week

Awards: ParFX*

ParFX introduced a completely new concept to the market when it launched five years ago, to thwart the efforts of high-frequency trading firms gaining an advantage by using technology and ultra low-latency trading – randomisation. This year, ParFX has been voted Best e-FX Trading Venue of the Year at the 2018 FX Week e-FX Awards – its second win since the venue launched. “We’re flattered to a certain degree that a number of platforms have tried to change direction in an attempt to emulate our pure principles,” says Roger Rutherford, chief operating officer of ParFX. “It validates what we’ve been trying to do.”

9 July 2018, FX Week

15th annual e-FX Awards winners*†

Following a long and exhausting run-up to Mifid II, FX market participants have gone to work again. The level of innovation and momentum in the market is building as the industry dares to look beyond the current state of play, and moves to make processes more efficient and more transparent. Best e-FX Trading Venue – ParFX.

9 July 2018, FX Week

Awards: Saxo Bank*

“What sets us apart from other prime-of-primes is that we’re completely un-conflicted with our clients,” he says. Instead, the bank provides true and direct market access to about two dozen bank and non-bank liquidity providers, and nine trading venues, with ParFX the most recent addition.

20 June 2018, Euromoney

FX: MTFs still reluctant to move even as Brexit approaches*

ParFX chief operating officer Roger Rutherford says the firm has no plans to move operations, staff or its matching engine away from London at this time.  “As it stands, London accounts for almost 40% of all currency trading, so it makes business sense for us to remain here,” he says.

11 June 2018, FOW

Machine learning could offer more “edge” than HFT – expert – FOW*†

Meanwhile experts at Tradition said that high speed trading continues to pose an ethical debate about whether markets are fair, but the FX Global Code is a key development.

30 May 2018, TabbForum

FX Industry Pauses for Reflection as Global Code Adoption Gathers Momentum*†

May 25 marked the first of anniversary of the FX Global Code, which aims to instil fairness, transparency and equality in day-to-day market practices. The industry has made good progress to date, but the next few months will be crucial to maintaining momentum.


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