Roger Rutherford

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Roger Rutherford

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer Roger Rutherford is responsible for the strategic running of ParFX and overseeing the platform’s long-term development plans. 

Based in London, Roger plays a vital role in the implementation of ParFX’s vision to create a fair and transparent FX market by ensuring a level playing field for all participants, regardless of financial strength or technological sophistication.

He brings his extensive knowledge and track record of success to ParFX and is well-positioned to assess the needs of the market. Prior to joining in June 2012, Roger held a number of senior positions within the foreign exchange industry, including more than 10 years at ICAP-owned EBS, where he was Senior Product Manager and Head of EMEA Sales.

Roger was also Head of Product Management at CLS, the largest multi-currency cash settlement system to mitigate settlement risk for FX transactions globally. More recently, he was Global Head of FX Futures and Options at CME Group.

Roger is also a member of the ACI FX Committee, the organisation that represents over 12,000 individual market participants across the industry. 

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    “The ongoing work is ensuring that the price provider is more open and transparent towards the client and they document it in a way that shows you exactly how they’ll treat you. So, being more open and transparent is an enormous first step,” comments Roger Rutherford chief operating officer at ParFX.

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    A number of observers stress the need for transparency. There are legitimate uses for a holding timer in some circumstances, but those uses need to be transparent and clear to all pre-trade, says Roger Rutherford, COO of ParFX. “It is critical that a speed bump – or a randomized matching tool – achieves its purpose of meaningfully protecting traders against bad trading behaviour,” he adds.

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